Overview of splendid on-going commercial projects in Jaipur by ARG Group


ARG Group Jaipur, one of the bidding names in the catalogue of the best builders and developers in Jaipur has leapt another step forward in providing a refreshing commercial experience by launching commercial projects in Jaipur. The pink city has welcomed with a gleam two on-going commercial projects in jaipur that will mark the growth of commerce in the city.

North Avenue

Description: The commercial projects in Jaipur will get a facelift with the addition of North Avenue in the city. The project proposes a spectacular visual journey for all the visitors who walk in through designer floorings in specific areas. This is guaranteed to catch the buyer’s attention for its magnificence.


Features: Instalment of conveyor transport devices such as service lifts, passenger lifts as well as escalators within the premises of the building will truncate cost and time consumption. Buyers who seek inspiration from the French for their glass facades will fall in love with the magnificent elevation of the buildings inside the commercial area that reflects the sparkle of varied lighting systems used inside each room. Such lighting stays on for as long as it is disposed to with the help of 100 percent power back up system. Security being quintessential requirement of most commercial projects in Jaipur, the North Avenue project has the same on priority so that the buyer can put all his focus on the business without worrying about the prospect of a pitfall or hurdle.

At North Avenue, you can access all the basic amenities that are required right from the architectural point of view to the successful establishment of a business. From independent air-conditioning units and well-organized public utilities to ample parking space and open air parking, the new commercial project is an example of the remarkable experience ARG Group has in the field of building commercial projects in Jaipur.

Location: This project is sited on road number 9A, Main Sikar Road, V.K.I. area, Jaipur.

 ARG industrial park

Description: Every business needs a pleasant home where it would grow and emerge with bright colors. Keeping the importance of a business’ location, the ARG Group has launched a commercial building project in a pleasant, non-polluting setup.


Specialities: businesses can choose to run their company in this location for its prime location that is well connected to two international airports i.e. Jaipur and the proposed Kishangarh. It is located near the fully developed Bagru Industrial area and is also connected to all the functional Special Economic Zones. Being a part of the dedicated Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Freight Corridor, it covers a distance of up to 1483 km and passes through different states such as UP, Delhi/NCR, Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. It offers a space that lies in the range of 5,000 sq. yards for small as well as medium scale industries. The entire area is equipped with facilities for water, transportation, electricity and water drainage.

Location: This project is located on the Jaipur-Ajmer National Highway No. 8, next to the Bagru Industrial Area.

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